Saturday, January 17, 2009

Losing sleep

OH.MY.GOD! It is 5am on Saturday morning. What the heck am I doing up?? Um... yeah, thanks Brock! You are wide awake at 5am for the second day in a row. Today I was a little grumpy because I went to bed at midnight and you have been fussing on and off since then. Then Winston (our dog) decided that after I fed you at 4am and got comfy, he needed to go potty! Once I let him back inside, you decided to wake up. So here we sit... me on the computer, and you are literally watching Lilo & Stitch... I've lost way too much sleep in the last few weeks. Mostly because of Winston. He's getting so old! Anyways, sorry for venting. I'm so tired and wish I could sleep all night long like daddy :-(

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Soooo close!

Brock ALMOST rolled over from his back to his belly today! Check it out:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

... and so they meet!

Let me first say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all! We hope this Holiday season was as special for you as it was for us.

Brock got to meet my sister Tina for the first time on December 20th! It was so special :-) When Tina got here Brock was sleeping in his crib. She went with me to his room and cried when she saw him :-( Since she moved to AZ we see each other on our webcams all the time. After I had Brock, I would sit him in front of the computer so Tina could talk to Brock. When she held him for the first time, he would not stop talking to her! It was soooo cute!
Here they are:

My sister was here for 2 whole weeks! It was so fun having her back home. I didn't realize how much I actually missed her until she left this second time :-( I wish she'd move back home, but I know she's doing what is best for her right now.

Here is a picture to show you how much we love our webcams. Since my sister moved, she's "been" to birthday parties and even experienced our niece's 1st steps! Here she is with her boyfriend on the left of the picture while we're singing Happy Birthday to our nephew:

Here are some more pictures of the last two weeks. Enjoy!

Someone's getting a double chin... LOL!

Brock playing in daddy's silly winter hat:

All of us! My mom with me and my sisters, our husbands (and Tina's boyfriend) and all of the kids!

Mom and her 4 girls

Tina and I with Brock

Brock opening his stack of books from Santa!

Brock and Tina:

Drooly face

Brock got his first round of shots right after Christmas. He cried just for a little bit and was back to his silly self within minutes!

Tina and Brock on New Year's Eve:

Aww! I miss being silly with her!

Lenna's 1st birthday! She's so cute!!