Monday, November 16, 2009

Brock's off the bottle!

Over the last few weeks, we have transitioned Brock from all bottle to all sippy cup for his milk! We started just giving him milk in a sippy for one feeding a day and he did just fine. Then we started taking away another bottle and substituting for the sippy. The last bottle I took away was his morning bottle. He never fussed and didn't even have a care in the world!

When we originally wanted to have Brock drinking out of sippy cups, we got him this one: 

He actually ended up using it as a teether because he still didn't get the whole "suck" thing. So I put this one away for a few months and bought him this one instead:

 This second one is the Nuby brand with a soft silicone nipple (these can be purchased at Target and Babies R Us). It was much easier for him to get the "suck" concept because the nipple was softer like his bottle nipples. So we got him used to drinking his water only out of this cup. Then one day I put milk in it. Once he had the whole "sucking" down, I brought out the Born Free sippy and he's been drinking milk out of it since! So he only drinks milk out of the Born Free cup and water/juice out of his Nuby cup!

This past weekend I put all of his bottles away! YAY Brock!

We're still working on the formula to whole milk transition. Slowly but surely! Right now I'm giving him 4 oz of formula and then 4 or 5 oz of whole milk. Depending on which size Born Free cup I use. We were using the 7oz cup, but I just bought him the 9 oz cups this weekend.

Oh, I originally bought him the training cup by Born Free. The ones I got this weekend were drinking cups and had a bigger hole for free flowing. The milk comes out soooo much faster. Brock's had about 4 cup fulls total since we bought them and he's getting better about not making a huge mess when he drinks out of them!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our little girl FINALLY has a name!!!!

OMG! I feel like it took us forever and a day to agree on a name for the baby. So... her name will be Lillian Estelle :-) YAY!

Friday, November 6, 2009

BROCK'S 1st STEPS!!!!!!

Brock has been taking like one or two steps and then falling for the last 2 days. Well when daddy came home from work today, Brock had other plans for us!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Update on baby #2!

I haven't forgotten about her! LOL! I know I haven't posted very much about this pregnancy. I'm so busy with Brock I just don't get around to posting much about her and what's going on with the pregnancy.

So... I'm officially 25 weeks pregnant! OMG! Just about to head into my 3rd trimester... OMG again! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by.

I had an appt 2 weeks ago when I was 23 weeks. Everything looked great. Weight gain so far has only been 10 pounds. I feel like I've gained an additional 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks too! As long as I don't gain 45 pounds like I did with Brock, I'll be happy :-) I remember this time with Brock my doctor had been giving me the 3rd degree about exercising and watching my weight... blah blah blah! So far, she hasn't said that, so we're good! My next appointment is November 18th and I'll have my Glucose Tolerance test that day to test for Gestational Diabetes. I didn't have it with Brock, so hopefully we're good this time around too. I ended up finding out I was anemic at my 27 week appt with Brock. So hopefully its not the case this time... although it might explain some of my fatigue.

She still doesn't have a name :-( But I think we're getting close! Spike's grandma's middle name was Estelle. We had thought about using Estelle as a middle name because we both like the name and think it's beautiful. Just the other night though, we were talking about it and are thinking that maybe we'll use Estelle as a 1st name since its really the only name we can agree on for her! So we'll see. We still have a little time (about 3 months) to figure it out. So if you have any suggestions for girl names, we're taking them! Just leave a post :-) Thanks!

So in terms of a theme for her room, we're going to do pink and green since the walls in the room are already green. Here is the bedding we've picked out from Baby GAP:

She's starting to kick a lot stronger now. This is my favorite part of pregnancy! I think its because I can share a little more of the pregnancy with Spike when he can feel the baby kicking and rolling around :-) ::happy tears::

Anyway, I'll try to post a few belly pictures and some comparison pictures so you can see what I look like this pregnancy compared to my pregnancy with Brock.

1 Year Well-Visit

I meant to post this days ago... but you know my story. LOL

Anyhow, here are Brock's stats:

Height: 30in (75%)
Weight: 20lbs (25%)

The doctor was very pleased with Brock's development thus far. She's still not 100% happy about his weight, but he's tall and extremely active, so that's why. He'll catch up!

We started the transition to whole milk a few days before his birthday. Well the day before his birthday he came down with a really bad cold, which resulted in a right-ear infection :-( To top that off, he had his second top tooth breaking through. So needless to say, he was in pain, super crabby, had diarrhea, and a really bad diaper rash. We had no clue that he had an ear infection until we went to his well-visit, which was 2 days after his birthday. He was put on ammoxicillan for about 8 days. I'm not convinced the ear infection has cleared up because he's still grabbing at his ear and waking up screaming in the middle of the night. So we're back to the doctor on Wednesday for an ear re-check and the seasonal flu shot.

Its been a pretty miserable few weeks because we didn't know if the diarrhea was related to the whole milk, the antibiotics, or the teething. So we had to eliminate dairy for 48 hours last week... he seemed better until today, which was the first time I gave him 2oz of whole milk with 6oz formula and he had diarrhea. So I'm going to have to see if there's another type of milk I should try since he has been on soy formula.

About 11 days after his visit, he started getting a rash all over his body. They were little read bumps, but they weren't raised and didn't seem to bother him. I called the nurse and she felt that it was a reaction to the MMR shot he was given. Thankfully it started to clear up over the weekend. I was actually worried he was getting chicken pox!

Now the diaper rash is back and I am starting to think that maybe this time it is his cloth diapers. So I'm going to have to see if maybe I'm not rinsing them enough or if he's having a reaction to the detergent I'm using on them. I don't know! But I do know that I cannot afford disposable diapers right now... So hopefully I can fix this whole diaper rash thing! It stinks cause I can't put any ointment on him for his rash when he's in cloth diapers because it can ruin the cloth diaper.

Happy Halloween!

Here's our little Yoda on his 2nd Halloween:

We ended up taking Brock to the Zoo on Thursday night for their annual Zoo Boo event. It was a cute way for kids to get out and have a little Halloween fun! We walked a 1 1/2 mile path and were able to stop at about 9 "treat stations" along the way. The path went through two indoor exhibits too! There was also a little show they put on under a tent. I have some pictures, but as usual, they haven't been uploaded yet... sorry! I'll get to it! And besides, I have a million things to blog about!!

On the day of Halloween, we went to a high school football game in the afternoon. It was Spike's alma mater vs our nieces high school... which also happens to be full of kids Spike coached when they played for the city as 8 year old kids :-) So it was pretty cool to be at the game. We of course sat on the alma mater's side!

The evening of Halloween, we kept Brock inside with us and he helped to pass out the candy. A little girl came to the door and was like, "Oh how cute! A turtle!" LOL! It was hilarious!