Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ho Ho brings Brock shishies!

This video is from Christmas morning. It is close to 8 minutes long, but I just couldn't cut it shorter :-)

I will have a separate post with some pictures of the kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas Eve everyone :-)

Spike and I are sooooo excited for Christmas this year. Spike is a big fish hobbyist. He's had at least one or 2 fish tanks for as long as we've known each other (12 years). We have a beautiful saltwater tank in our bedroom and he just finished setting up a freshwater tank in Brock's room. We've been getting Brock excited for the "shishies" as he calls them. We've been telling him that daddy is getting the fishies house ready for "Ho Ho" so that "Ho Ho" can bring him fishies on Christmas morning.

Whenever you ask him what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas, he gets all excited and says "Ho Ho Shishy!" So cute! We already have our plan in action to record his reaction once the fish are in the tank. Spike is at the store getting them now!! He is going to put them in the tank tonight when we leave to go to my mom's house for dinner. Then he is going to wrap the tank with wrapping paper so Brock can open it up in the morning!!! OMG! I cannot wait!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YAY Brock! No more "Fire-Fire"

YAY!!!! Brock is officially done with the pacifier!! Or "fire-fire" as Brock called it :-) On Monday, December 20, 2010 I put Brock down to bed. He handed me his pacifier and said, "Mamma, broken." I took it from him and sure enough he chewed through it. This has happened a few other times, but we had extras around. I took this as my opportunity to break him of this habit! I told him, "Aww man! Yup its broken.  Take your buddies and hold them tight so you can sleep!" He took all 4 of his buddies (Fraffe, Buddy, Bit, and Ah-Ah)... that would be his giraffe, his 2nd giraffe, his frog, and his monkey... He whined for the 2.5 seconds it took me to walk to the door and that was it!! He fell asleep with no fuss. He woke up at 1am and 6am crying for it though :-( I went in and explained to him again that his pacifier was broken and they were all gone. He accepted it and fell back asleep.  The next morning he woke up and was fine. We got in the car to go to my sister-in-law's house. On the way there he started whining for his pacifier. I told him it was broken and it was all gone. He was quiet for a little bit then goes, "fire-fire Dawn's house!!" Little shit! He remembered he had a pacifier at my sister-in-law's house! I was like, "um... nope! She doesn't have any either. They are all gone now." He accepted it and was fine! When I picked them up after work she told me that he went down for his nap without it!!

Yesterday I had to START our Christmas shopping (i know...). I was scared because I didn't have a pacifier for him in case he had a meltdown. Well guess what!? He was as calm as a cucumber! (Or is it as cool as a cucumber?) I got pretty much all of our shopping done (minus our kids, 1 niece, and our newest baby cousin (also my godson!))! Pretty awesome! Both kids were amazing!!! Thank you babies!!

Well, last night Brock went to bed without his pacifier again! Didn't even ask for it. He did ask for it this morning though. He was crying hysterically. I went into his room and he was like, "Broken! Mamma, fire-fire go?" I explained it all over and then he started crying and said, "Mamma, buuuuurrr." LOL. That's how he says booger! So I grabbed a tissue and made him blow. He blew and in his cute little morning voice goes, "I did it!" Why is he so cute!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

This year I sort of forgot to add the expense of having our Christmas cards added to our budget... so I decided to just create a photo card and email it to our family and friends.  So, from our family to yours:

Sneak peek...

Tee hee... I am working on putting together a slideshow of all the pictures I have neglected to put on here lately! LOL. Here is a cute video of Brock playing in our 1st big snowfall of the season and a couple pictures :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank you Shutterfly!!

I entered my page in Shutterfly's Share Project promotion a couple weeks ago and was just notified that I won a $25 gift card!! All I had to do was post a picture of a photo card project I've purchased from Shutterfly onto my blog and send Shutterfly a link to my blog so they could verify it!! I am so excited!!! Now I can order my Christmas cards and a few personalized gifts for Spike and our parents!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!! I better get on it! I'm running out of time :-)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brock's 2 year birthday invites

I don't think I ever shared with you guys the birthday invites I made for Brock's birthday this year! I made them on Shutterfly and LOVED them! I got so much feedback from family and friends that said this was the best invite ever!! 

Monster Mash Halloween Invitation
Make a statement with Shutterfly Halloween photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where has the time gone?

See! I'm horrible lately! I don't know why I cannot keep this darn blog updated!!! Hmmm.... could it be I have a 2 year old and a soon-to-be mobile 9 (ALMOST 10 MONTH) old running my life!!??

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did! Spike and I both had a long weekend and spent a good chunk of that time cleaning the house and spending time with the kids. We ate and ate and ate on Thanksgiving :-) But who didn't!?

I, on the other hand have been making some huge life-changing decisions... the first of which is that I just submitted my application to go back to school and pursue my Ph.D!! I'm such a nerd, but I am super excited about it. This is something I have wanted for a really long time. Work is so slow right now and I figured now is a good time to do this. I kept going back and forth because I feel like the kids need me to be home, but I know it will be difficult for me to juggle my own schooling and the kids' school activities whenever that time comes. We'll see how it goes! I just hope I get in!! I should hopefully know by the end of February since I can't take my GRE until the beginning of February anyway.

Hopefully in the next few days I will get a few minutes to post some pictures of the kids up here. I cannot believe how big they are getting!!

Lilly has 3 teeth and one about to break through.

Brock is talking more each day and constantly has me laughing at his silliness!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A big fat sorry...

I can't believe I haven't posted since October 22nd! Sorry!!! I have been having what I keep referring to a "mini mid-life crisis at 29!" A lot has been going on over here with the kids and with work stuff. I'm just trying to get a handle on my life :-(

I have lots of pictures that I need to get up here, like yesterday!

Lillian is ALMOST crawling!! She's been army crawling for a little while now, but she's finally figured out the whole getting on all 4's thing. Sometimes she rocks herself to sleep in her crib on her knees. Too cute. I was so mad at myself the other day because she was cracking me up and I literally caught her on video in the Downward Facing Dog Yoga pose!  I accidentally deleted the video in my craziness to delete a stupid one :-( Sorry!

She is now NINE MONTHS! OMG! Seriously!?? Tomorrow is her well-visit so I'll post a new picture of her with her stats! She also has her two top teeth about to break through!

Brock is just getting sooooo big! So hyper and lots of talking! Sometimes I have to ask him to stop talking and have some quite time! LOL!  I've had to develop a "third eye" so to speak... So far in the last few days I've caught Brock sharing his snacks with Lilly... things like crackers, which she isn't allowed to eat by herself yet. I forget what else he tried to give her, but at least he comes to me and tells me what she is eating. He'll say "Lilly cracker too?"

What else... oh! I started knitting some mittens for Lilly, but that was way too advanced for me! LOL! So instead I'm working on a scarf for her. I made it a little wide for her size, but that's alright... I'll get over it! Pics of that to come too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Your Three Words


LOL Brock! This morning I was sitting on the other side of him on the couch. I thought he was happily eating his Coco Puffs... I got up to get the door for my mom and saw this! He looked up and me and goes, "Mmmmm Mamma! Cheche!!" Cheche is what he calls his milk (for leche in Spanish). 

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Brock!

Here are a bunch of pictures from Brock's birthday party :-) To say he had a good time is a total understatement! He really had a blast! We had lots of yummy food and snacks, as well as crafts for the kids!!! I think my sister-in-law enjoyed the crafts more than the kids! LOL!

 My Lilly-pie :-)

 My awesome cousin was our face-painter for the day! HUGE hit!!

 My girlfriend's daughter, Julie
 Her other daughter, Olivia (she's the one that had the open heart surgeries)
 My girlfriend Roxy! Love her :-)

 Kids working on crafts!

 Poor guy! My sister-in-law told him he couldn't touch the cake and he started bawling!