Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meet Gaspar

This year we decided to introduce the Elf on the Shelf tradition to our Christmas festivities.

We read the story to the kids on November 30th so that we could officially introduce our Elf on December 1st.  I have decided to blog about his journey here on the blog so that we could look back at his little shenanigans every year :-)

It was up to the kids to give our Elf a name. It started with "Flame" and went on to include some pretty bizzare and random names like "Finarfin."

Day 1: Perched in the Christmas tree

During their nap, our Elf went to comedy school... (thank you Pinterest for the awesome Elf on the Shelf ideas). The kids love jokes and got a real kick out of this.

After dinner on our first night with our elf, we decided to give the naming process another try. I explained to the kids that Santa gave them the job of naming the Elf so it had to be up to them. In the end they decided on "Gaspar." The name of course comes from the Disney show, Gaspard and Lisa.

Day 2: Up on a shelf. (He was sitting on top of the fish tank but fell off at some point during the night. Thankfully I noticed that he was on the floor before the kids woke up and quickly set him on a high shelf.