Thursday, December 17, 2009

31 - week appt

31 weeks and 3 days! Wowza!

My appointment today went very well! I had a lot of issues to discuss with the doctor, but everything is fine. The baby's heartbeat was nice and strong! I love being able to hear her heart beating :-)

In terms of weight gain... gulp... a whopping 21 pounds to date. Not bad actually ;-) LOL! I gained 45 pounds with Brock. With less than 9 weeks left of this pregnancy, I really hope I don't gain another 20 pounds.

In the last few weeks, I feel like I have hit a wall. Physically, I am exhausted! Some days I have to take 2 naps! Its annoying, but I cannot function otherwise. I've been having some cramping, but the doctor didn't seem too concerned. She checked everything and said that my cervix is still long and closed. So that's a good thing :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let the remodeling begin!

We are TOTALLY slacking on getting Lillian's room done. We haven't even started it and I only have 9 weeks left before she is born! OMG!

Here is a list of what has to be done in order to start on her bedroom (which is currently my office):

1) Completely empty out our bedroom, wash the mound of clothes on the floor, build our IKEA wardrobe closet.
2) Finish building the canopy for the fish tank that will be going in our room
3) Take apart the current fish tank from my office and put in new tank in our room
4) Remove all of my office furniture (huge desk, book case, and storage shelves)
5) Tear up carpet in the office and get harwood floors installed in what will be Lilly's room
6) Begin filling her room with the crib, rocking chair, clothes in closet, dresser, etc.
7) Move fish tank from living room into Brock's room

Wow! Before #1 was to purchase an Armoire Desk to put into the living room. This will now be my work space... which brings me to today's post! Here's my new armoire desk. I love it!!!  Here it is with our stockings (they'll be embroidered next year):

Here is the inside (I just added our other computer & my fax machine while these were loading, so hopefully one day I will update the blog with the finished inside!
Here's our cat, Joker checking things out when we brought the desk home:
Think he likes it?

Well look forward to lots and lots of updates in the next 9 weeks as we move into this remodeling stage! Wish us luck that we are able to get Lillian's bedroom finished before her arrival!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tis the season to be giving!

I love this time of year! A few years ago, Spike and I adopted a little girl for Christmas from the Salvation Army and got to buy her tons of things from her Christmas list :-) It was awesome!

Last year, my mother-in-law heard on the radio about a charity event they were having. Its called "Stuff A Bus" and you just bring unwrapped gifts and literally stuff a school bus! Each year, my mother-in-law sets a budget for each of us for our Christmas gifts. Last year, she asked if she could take a part of our Christmas budget and use it to purchase toys for the Stuff A Bus. Of course we were all on-board with it!  I wasn't able to go last year because I had just had Brock.

But this year, (today actually) we all met up at Target and each of us had a cart to fill with toys! After that, we went to the bus location and filled it up! We had 3 cars FULL of toys!!! It was soooo cool! The radio hosts were more than grateful for our donation :-) It was so cold outside and they had 3 people helping us unload the cars. It all happened so fast, I wasn't able to get any pictures of our trunks :-( But I got one of the bus and one of us inside the bus!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just a quick shout-out!

I just wanted to thank Jenni for her background layout and letting people access them for free! She always has THE CUTEST backgrounds :-) Check out her blog to see more :-) Just click on her name in the first sentence or link to it from my "Nest Friends" list on the right. She is mrs jenni in my list.

For my own memory...

Before I forget... Brock is officially a walking toddler :-( He's only been walking for about a week. I thought I would post in on here since this is where I go when I have questions about how old Brock was when he hit other milestones.

We don't have too much going on right now except for getting ready for the holidays.... always a stressful time for me, but like every year, I'll get through it!

Here is my belly at 28 weeks:

Here is a picture of Brock from this weekend. We were trying to take our family picture for our Christmas card. I'm not happy with the picture that's going on the card (mostly bc Brock wasn't wearing socks or shoes - it was bedtime and I took him out of his jammies to take the picture), but whatever. I'll get over it! I'll post it after I mail the cards out :-)