Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

While we were in FL, we spent A LOT of time relaxing at the pool. It was a much needed vacation. Here are some more pictures from our trip :-)

 Monkey See Monkey Do

 Brock lovin' on "Bit." I bought this frog when I was in Junior High and it was one of my favorite stuffed animals :-) 
 Spike was trying to grab a lizard to show it to Brock
 Enjoying his girlie drink!
 Having a night out with my sister in laws and their husbands sans babies
 Don't let the fair skin and blonde hair fool you! She really IS my daughter ;-)
 "Excuse me sir, I'll take that iced water now, thanks." Little Diva!
 "Meeting" Buzz in Downtown Disney
 He couldn't get enough of Mickey & Minnie

 She is SUCH a ham! She was finished eating her pizza, so she thought it would be a great fashion statement to run her saucy hands through her hair...
 Melts my heart! I love my boys so much!
 Monkey boys
 Ooops! Daddy put too many bubbles in the bath!

 A few minutes before we landed back home, Lilly crawled over us and sat on Brock's lap!

Where Memories are Made

I'm talking about DISNEY WORLD of course ;-)  Spike and I have been to Disney World in the past (pre kids). We got engaged at Epcot in 2005!! This year, we joined his family for a family vacation to Disney World. We had a great time and the kids had a blast at Magic Kingdom. Even IF it was close to 90 degrees the day we went ;-)

While in Disney Lillian was able to get her first official haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop right inside of Magic Kingdom. Such a wonderful experience! She even got some pixie dust to add in her scrap book with her little ringlet that was cut, as well as special pair of Mickey Ears that say "First Haircut" embroidered on the back.

Another fun little Disney secret we tried was having Brock kiss Minnie Mouse on her hand. She made a HUGE reaction to it and it is absolutely something Spike and I will never forget. Ever! She was swooning and started acting like she was going to faint. So cute!!! Brock loved it and talked about it the whole day! He LOVED getting a chance to meet Mickey Mouse. I felt bad having to pull him away so the next kid could see him, but the Disney photographers got a GREAT picture of this awesome little meeting. Once we get our picture downloaded on a CD from Disney I will make sure to add it on here. We were so busy running around Magic Kingdom, we are bummed that we did not take as many pictures as we wanted, but the ones we got really capture or spirit for the day.

Ok, enough rambling! Here are some pictures from Magic Kingdom:

Lilly was terrified of all of the characters...

 Watching the parade :-)

 First Haircut ;-)

 Patiently waiting in line for his turn to meet Mickey & Minnie

The end of a very hot & long day. But it was so worth it!

Thank you Magic Kingdom and Disney World for helping us create special memories for our children and our family!