Sunday, January 30, 2011

We're at a turning point ;-)

Little Miss Lilly isn't so little anymore :-( She will be ONE exactly one week from today!!! I cannot believe it.

I say we are at a turning point because I think we are going to be on "first-step watch" very soon. She is furniture cruising like a pro!  What am I going to do with TWO toddlers running around!?!? Go crazy. Yup, I'm going to go crazy... Ever since Lilly has become more mobile, she and Brock are playing together a lot more. So needless to say we have been practicing the art of sharing... not fun!

<3 Love her!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's in a dream?

Often times I have some pretty bizarre dreams. A lot of the time these dreams are reoccurring. Not until tonight, did I decide to look at a dream dictionary online. When it comes to interpreting your dreams, I've always followed the school of thought that it is the EMOTION you feel in a dream that is relevant to what you are feeling in your everyday life. I don't find or look for meaning in the actual events or people in my dreams, rather I look at how I felt during my dream with respect to a given person or event.

So 2 days ago I had a dream that a big fuzzy centipede crossed my path... fast forward to 6:30am this morning and as I was walking from the kitchen to the living room I somehow spotted a baby/pre-teen centipede cross my path! Yuck.

Here is what the dream dictionary said:


To see a centipede in your dream implies that you don’t have faith in your ability to attain your objectives. You are not allowing yourself to be successful. You must learn to be more positive and optimistic.

This cannot be more true for me right now. I'm 2 weeks into my new job and I'm having some anxiety about my abilities... I've always felt like I could never be good enough, even when I have people tell me that I'm a great Counselor, I don't believe them. I don't know why I'm like this. Its annoying. Really... I just wish I could believe in myself sometimes. I hope I don't pass this trait onto my children. I want them to be confident in themselves.

EDIT: After posting this I reflected a little more and thought maybe I should put a little blurb up here about how this is also true in my everyday role of being a mom. I know many people feel like they are inadequate parents. A lot of the time I feel like I have no idea what I am doing... this is even more true now that Brock is throwing some serious tantrums. Sometimes I just sit and stare at him thinking, "OMG... what do I do!!??!" I hate feeling like that. I hate questioning myself about my parenting... Ugh!

So... What have you dreamt about lately? What does the dream dictionary say about your dream??

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brock's fish tank

Sorry it has taken so long to get some pictures up of this. Here are a few pictures of Brock's fish tank all set up!! Brock loves it ;-) 

See those blue spots? Those are the fish. (if you click on the picture it will make it larger so you can see them)

:-) Melts my heart! He loves sitting in his room watching his "Shishies."

Busy busy busy!


I cannot believe how crazy my life has gotten over the last few weeks. I applied to a PhD program (and got selected for an interview to be a potential student), quit my job, and started a new job. All the while, still playing mommy and wife :-) My work never ends!

So many fun and exciting things are happening with my munchkins too! They are definitely keeping me busier than I could have imagined. Lilly is crawling, pulling up on anything and everything, furniture cruising, starting to repeat small words, and is a dancing machine!!! She is going to be ONE in two weeks :-( waaaaa!!!!!

Brock is will.not.stop.talking! I mean, seriously... LOL! He is also potty training and is doing such an amazing job! We are doing this method where we are letting Brock run around the house doing his everyday thing without a diaper on. At first I didn't think this would work and I was totally prepared with towels and everything! To my surprise Brock has been peeing on the toilette every hour (minus naps and bed time) all day for about 2 weeks now!!! YAY! This weekend I am going to buy some pull-ups for nap time and bed time and let him wear big boy underwear during the day (while we are home). He still hasn't pooped on the toilette. He is so funny. He will start saying "mamma caca" and run to the bathroom, but when I get him on the toilette he will push and let a fart out. Then he gets all excited and yells, "Mamma I did it!" LOL!

Well my dears, what is a blog post without pictures? Enjoy!

Look! Lilly's hair is growing!!!!!!

Meet our MegaBlocks Giraffe :-)

Love them :-)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrible Two's or Talking Two's??

You know, I can't remember... is it called "Terrible Two's" or is it "Talking Two's?"

My goodness! Brock will not. shut. up! Yes, its cute that he is talking and can pretty much carry on a conversation, but sometimes I seriously wish I could shove a pacifier in that boy's mouth to shut him up! LOL!  He does this thing where he repeats himself until you say the two or three words he is saying in a sentence. Like you have to affirm that you understood what he is trying to tell you. For example:

Brock: "Mamma, shishy light on."
Me: "Ok"
Brock: "Mamma, shishy light on."
Me: "Ok Brock. I will turn it on in a second."
Brock (a little more frustrated): "MAMMA! Shishy. Light. ON"
Me: "You want Mamma to turn the fishy's light on?"
Brock: "Yup!"

Grrr! This is ALL DAY LONG! ALLLLLLL DAYYYY!!!! So annoying.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lilly is growing so fast!

Holy smokes! My BABY seems like she has hit a million milestones in like 3 days. All of a sudden Lilly is pulling herself up on anything and everything, she's "furniture cruising," and she finally started crawling on all 4's today! I'm not kidding... all in 3 days!

The other day I went to get Lilly out of her bed in the morning, and here is how I found her:

A second later:

And then...

Yeah... so needless to say Miss Thang got a new crib that very same day! This crib she's in was an old hand me down and it was on its lowest setting!! Thank goodness I got her out before she threw herself over the railing! Thankfully we had a $100 gift card to IKEA so we only had to pay $40 out of pocket for her crib :-) On its lowest setting it is almost to the floor. Its cute and converts to a toddler bed later :-) 

Christmas 2010 - Lilly's 1st Christmas

Hold on tight! Picture overload :-)

Christmas Eve @ Welling's house (my mom)

 My sisters and I bought my mom a personalized charm bracelet that had all 7 grandkids' names engraved on 7 hearts :-)

 Spike asked my mom for a bike for Christmas... LOL! They are going tomorrow to get him measured for his real bike :-)

Christmas morning @ home

Brock's new fish tank!!

Christmas day @ Grammy Pammy's house (Spike's mom)

LOVE MY SPARTANS (even if we got demolished in our bowl game)!!

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas :-) We sure did. My sister and her fiance couldn't make it home this year for the holiday's and we missed them terribly :-( Hopefully next year they can make it in!