Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your 3 Words

(I made this post earlier this week, but wanted to use it for my "Y3W.")

Lilly had her One-Year well visit today! Seriously, my children are secretly from the Amazon!

Length: 31 inches (95 percentile)
Weight: 22.09 lbs (70 percentile)
Head size: 18 3/4 inches (above 95 percentile)

Big girl :-)  She got 3 shots today.  She also had to have blood drawn to check for anemia and lead levels... apparently the American Medical Association is now making it standard practice to have infants screened for these at their One year visit. The nurse was very pleased that Lilly was so well behaved for it. She said last week he had an 18 - month old in for it and he was freaking out so badly that it looked like a murder scene in the exam room when she was done with him! LOL. Lilly just sat there and watched it! Her levels came back normal, so that is a relief!

The doctor was pleased with Lilly's development and said she couldn't believe how well she was doing. She seemed sort of surprised actually.

As a side note, today was our first day of being out and about most of the day and Brock asked to go pee all day! He's still in the same pull up from this morning! No accidents or anything!

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Anonymous said...

Good job Lilly! =)

Sherry said...

I guess I don't have the hang of the comment yet. It marked me anonymous! LOL

The Bozo's: said...

You'll get the hang of it :-)

jenni said...

Aww, big babies are the best! Can't wait to see what Brynn's 9 month stats are... I can only imagine, lol.

Tara said...

aww adorable!
cute blog! - stop on by :)