Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

While we were in FL, we spent A LOT of time relaxing at the pool. It was a much needed vacation. Here are some more pictures from our trip :-)

 Monkey See Monkey Do

 Brock lovin' on "Bit." I bought this frog when I was in Junior High and it was one of my favorite stuffed animals :-) 
 Spike was trying to grab a lizard to show it to Brock
 Enjoying his girlie drink!
 Having a night out with my sister in laws and their husbands sans babies
 Don't let the fair skin and blonde hair fool you! She really IS my daughter ;-)
 "Excuse me sir, I'll take that iced water now, thanks." Little Diva!
 "Meeting" Buzz in Downtown Disney
 He couldn't get enough of Mickey & Minnie

 She is SUCH a ham! She was finished eating her pizza, so she thought it would be a great fashion statement to run her saucy hands through her hair...
 Melts my heart! I love my boys so much!
 Monkey boys
 Ooops! Daddy put too many bubbles in the bath!

 A few minutes before we landed back home, Lilly crawled over us and sat on Brock's lap!

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