Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On my own

What a wild few weeks! Let me just say that hubby and I had so much fun in Dallas!! Pics to come soon.  I missed the kids like crazy, but we left them in good hands so we know they had a good time.  Here's a video of me at the convention in Dallas on their Casino night... don't blink. You might miss it!

The sad thing is that I could have sworn I had the greatest grip. Thanks for the free adult beverages :-o

On to other news... last week was my last week at work. I resigned from my position as a Vocational Consultant for a small agency I have been working for and opened up my own company where I can do the same exact work I've done for the last 8 (almost 9) years without any drama. There was a lot of tension in our office and a lot of back story that left me feeling like I was already on my own anyway. I'm only into day 3 of being my own boss and the work is already flowing in :-) I will be contracting with 2 of my older employers in the Private sector of rehab and contracting with the State of Michigan's rehab services department. I've put in some long hours getting myself prepared and will start meeting with clients at the end of the week.

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