Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Yikes! Sorry I haven't put a new post up in a while. We've been pretty busy around here! Last week, Brock and I went to a dinner party at one of my girlfriends house. We got to meet 2 new babies!! When I was pregnant with Brock, 3 other close friends of mine were also pregnant. 3 of us have had our babies, and we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Madison, making her debut in January!!! Here's a picture of the gang from the other night:

This weekend, Brock got to meet his grandpa, my dad! Here are a few pictures of them!

HE DID IT!!!!! Spike changed his first diaper last night!! It was a wet one, not a dirty one! He did a great job :-) I was so excited! Ahh, the small things that make me happy! LOL!

Today was an extremely busy day! I woke up early because we had a nurse coming here to take some blood samples from me for our life insurance. I had to get up and straighten up the house. My appt was at 11am, but thankfully she called at 10am and said her last appt finished sooner than she thought. I was excited because I had to fast since yesterday evening... so needless to say, I was starving!!

After she left I had to jump in the shower real quick because Spike's aunt came over with her daughter and my sister-in-law's son. So we got to visit with family for a little while today.

Then I had to get started on dinner. I'm making a Paula Dean pot roast recipe. I realized I didn't have any onions, so I had to run to the store with Brock. I was freaking out because he was supposed to wake up from his nap for his next feeding when we left, but thankfully he slept until we got home... and then some!!! His super long nap, let me go get some groceries, come home and clean the kitchen, and get the roast in the oven!! I feel soooo accomplished today!!! Oh! And I even started talking to my supervisor about coming back to work... which I cannot believe is right around the corner - Dec. 1st to be exact. I'm sad, but I'm incredibly anxious. I hate being out of the loop! Hopefully my transition back to work is smooth.

OMG!!!! I almost forgot! The coolest thing happened this weekend! I caught my beautiful niece taking her first steps on video! It was a sweet moment because, as most of you know, my youngest sister moved to Arizona this summer. Well, we had her on the webcam that night so she could see my dad and talk to all of us and the kids. So she got to see Lenna taking her first steps when we did!! I've gotten into the habit of taking my laptop to my mom's house when all of us are there so my youngest sister can see all of the kids. Its nice cause they all take the laptop and hang out with her for a few minutes! Well, here's the video:

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