Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He rolled over!!!!

Yeah! You read that right!!! Brock rolled over last night for the 1st time! I read that this doesn't happen until a baby is 4-6 months... Brock is 5 weeks old! Maybe it wa an accident, but he did it and I'm counting it! I put him down on his belly for tummy-time and within a few minutes, he lifted his head and looked around. Then he rolled onto his side! I had a feeling he was going to roll onto his back, so I woke Spike up from his nap so he wouldn't miss it. Within a minute Brock rolled onto his back!! We could NOT believe it!!!

Another huge milestone that happened yesterday is visual tracking. I had Brock in his boppy lounger on the floor changing his diaper. Spike came over and was standing behind me talking to Brock. When he was done he started walking around our coffee table, and Brock followed him with his eyes all the way to the couch! Totally crazy!!

On a side note, Brock has his 1st cold and it is breaking my heart. My nephew came over last weekend and I didn't know he was sick. Long story short, I caught the cold and passed it to Brock. His nose is so stuffy. Since yesterday he's been sneezing out bloody snot. I called the nurse at the doctors office and she said the blood could be from broken capillaries from the force of sneezing. She also said it could be dryness in his nose. He's had his humidifier on in his room since Sunday night, and I bought a new one for the living room. I also have to put saline drops in his nose and suck out some snot with a ball syringe before each feeding. He doesn't like those so much. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

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The TX Millers said...

Holy crap! That's awesome! I have a feeling Ike will never roll over, he hates being on his back too much, lol