Thursday, December 18, 2008

I need a personal assistant!

Phew! I feel like its been forever since I had a minute to myself. Since I started working I have had a really hard time getting anything done around the house. Some days I really think I need to hire a personal assistant. I don't think I've gone grocery shopping since before Thanksgiving. I haven't done laundry in FOREVER. Spike's been helping a lot with the laundry - thank God! I just haven't gotten around to folding it and putting it away.

It is so hard juggling being a professional, a mom, and a wife. I'm exhausted, yet I feel like I don't get anything done! Brock is such a good baby, but now that he's awake more often, I feel like I need to entertain him all the time. I'm so tired by the time I'm done working, I don't have the energy to cook, clean, or play mom & wife. I just don't. I hope it gets easier!

Wow... ok, pitty party over! Did you see how many times I used "I"

So we finally got our Christmas cards done! What a chore. We sent out 100 cards, and were up til almost midnight stuffing, stamping, and labeling our envelopes! But it was fun.

Brock's been sleeping soooooooo well this week. He's been going to bed between 8:30pm & 9:30pm and stays asleep until about 4:30/5am! Now I've got to make sure I'm in bed soon after him! I've been staying up until 11pm to either spend some time with Spike, clean a little, or read my book.

We have an appointment tomorrow. His 2 month appointment. I think he might get his fist set of shots tomorrow... My poor baby is going to hate me! He's a trooper though, so hopefully he handles it well!

Alright, I've gotta get going. Brock is with my sister-in-law today. I miss my little munchkin! Today is the longest we've been apart :-( Waaa!

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