Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick family update

Sorry I don't have time to post a long update, but we've been sort of MIA in the blog world in the last two weeks. After my dad came to visit, I came down with a cold. Brock caught it by the end of the week and the week after that, Spike caught it. Brock had it pretty bad because he couldn't blow his nose. So needless to say there was lots of sneezing, flying snot, and a nasty cough that broke my heart. He's feeling so much better now!

We enjoyed our very first Thanksgiving as a new family with both of our families. We started at Spike's family's house for lunch, then headed to my mom's for dinner. Brock looked so cute. We had him dressed in the cutest sweater vest and khaki pants. He looked like a little man!

Here are all of my nieces and nephews with Brock! So cute!!

The day after Thanksgiving Brock and I went to my sister-in-law's house for our annual all-day cookie baking day! While its always a hoot, this year ended up being 12 hours long! The longest yet! And the funny thing is that we thought we had a plan put in place to make the day not be as long... obviously the plan was a little flawed!

Anyway, my other sister-in-law was there with her son too. Everything was going great until he got mad that he couldn't have candy, and chucked a toy at our niece (who was holding Brock at the time). Well, the toy happened to hit Brock straight in the face! My poor baby boy! He's ok and didn't even bruise.

So, on to yesterday's ordeal... I was getting ready for my 6 week check up. I had Brock hanging out with me on our bed. I stood up and propped some pillows up around him so he wouldn't fall while I went across the hall to get his bouncy seat... well out of nowhere our cat jumped up on our bed (he was hyper so he came flying from the living room). He managed to jump over Brock, but his back paw got caught on Brock's cheek. He scratched him pretty bad. I freaked out! I pressed a towel to his face to stop the bleeding and called the pediatrician. Since he is so little, they wanted to take a look at him ASAP. Spike came home from work and we took him to the doctor. She looked at it and was concerned with how deep it was. The scratch is about an inch long right next to his lips. So anyway, the doctor came in and looked at it, then had another pediatrician come in to take a look... then they referred us to a plastic surgeon. They felt that if any intervention were to take place, it would be best if a plastic surgeon took care of it. So off we went. The plastic surgeon looked at it and felt that it wasn't deep enough to require stitches or any tape. All we have to do is apply neosporin once a day until it heals. He said that babies heal really fast, so it is highly unlikely to have a visible scar. All I have to say about yesterday is that my son is tougher than nails. Not anything like the saying "tough as nails" because he really is tougher! He was smiling away within minutes, while I was sitting there bawling my eyes out!

So... all in all... I've proven to be a bad mother in the last two weeks. I gave my son a nasty cold, couldn't protect him from a flying toy, and allowed our cat to scratch his face :-( I think I need to start going to church. I have no clue how I am going to handle Brock getting any more serious injuries or illnesses. I've been a mess. I need to become a much stronger woman to raise a boy.

Wow. This ended up being a lot longer than I planned. Sorry! Its nice to get it all out! Brock is sound asleep in daddy's arms!


Beth said...

You are so not a bad mother! Listen here, things happen to our children and we are to protect them as much as we possibly can but, they also from baby on up have to learn how to live on their own. A wise person once told me that we raise our children to become responsilble and self sufficient adults. And as my mother always says... "This too sahl pass". You are a good mother, one thing I do everyday for my children is to pray for them individually and specifically. The best thing for our children is the blessings that God can give.

Your blog is looking too cute!

The TX Millers said...

Hugs! You are not a bad mommy, crap just happens :)