Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st night without swaddling!

Wish us luck!!! Last night, Mr. Brock decided that after five months of being swaddled to bed, he would somehow manage to roll over in his sleep (while still in his swaddle) and sleep on his belly. Well, weirdly enough, Winston (our 150lb dog) managed to get out of his kennel and push open Brock's bedroom door. So I wake up and put Winston back in his kennel, go to bed and turn on the video monitor to check on Brock - sound asleep, still on his back. Not even 10 minutes later, Brock is awake, crying. I go to his room (in the dark) and try to put his pacifier in his mouth... except his mouth wasn't where it should have been! Instead it was the back of his head!!! So, needless to say I couldn't sleep the rest of the night, for fear that he would do it again! I put him to bed almost 30 minutes ago, and he's sleeping soundly on his back with no swaddle and no blanket! We're going to quit cold-turkey! So please, wish us luck tonight! He's a really fidgety sleeper, so I'm hoping his jerking around won't wake him up a million times tonight.

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