Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st poopy diaper with cloth diapers...

Ok, so you all know this has been my biggest hesitation with the cloth diapers. Well the inevitable finally happened this morning :-(

So I went to get Brock out of bed and just by how bad he smelled when I picked him up, I knew it was going to be a poopy diaper. Well, I proceeded to change him and started cussing Spike out (in my head of course) because he still hasn't hooked up the diaper sprayer to the toilette

I was just hoping and praying that the poop was going to be more solid than sticky/messy...Well it ended up being 1/2 & 1/2... So I put the diaper to the side, threw a new diaper on Brock, set him in his crib and went to the bathroom. I was able to shake off the clump of poop right into the toilette but wasn't able to really to anything with the sticky stuff. So I tried to scrape it off with toilette paper and that wasn't working at all! So now I'm mad and have no idea what to do. LOL.

So I grabbed all the dirty diapers, and the new ones that I got in the mail yesterday and started the washer. While I was in the laundry room I realized that I could just use the water from the washer as it was filling up to help remove the left over poop. I did just that and it worked wonders! I checked the cycle and the poopy diaper after the pre-wash cycle and it was CLEAN!

Needless to say, I'm going to have Spike install that sprayer as soon as he wakes up so I can be prepared for the next diaper. I'm also going to move the diaper pail into the bathroom so I don't have to walk around with a wet diaper.

Overall, the experience wasn't that fun, but I think I can handle it if I am properly equipped! LOL. So hopefully the next go-round is better.

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KataFara said...

More power to you! I was 100% cloth diapers and 2 weeks before he was born I heard he would poop appx 10x/day or more. SO I said...we'll wait til I have my wits about me. ANd now...NEVER, I am so happy to just put them in the dispenser and not wash them. I'm horrible...I think "Hey if their bad for the environment, they should work harder to make green diapers!:)" I am proud of your dedication, I couldn't do it!