Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Major updates!!

So it's been a little while since I updated the blog. Here are a few things going on in Brock's world:

- Tried Avacado (still not loving it)
- Tried Sweet Peas (totally hated them)
- Tried Pears (LOVES them)
- Tried Mango (LOVES them)
- Tried Butternut Squash (Loves them)

- Is currently cutting TWO teeth
- Is starting to crawl - can get up on all 4's and rocks, then hops like a frog.
- Can sit up by himself for a little while and is learning to use his hands and arms for support
- Can wave when you say hi/hello & buh-bye!! Sooooo cute :-)
- Started smiling on purpose, not as an imitation to you.

So lots of exciting stuff going on! I will be posting some pictures of his cute new smile and a video of his crawling/hopping.

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