Saturday, August 1, 2009


Finally! Here are some pictures from the month of July. Enjoy :-)

1st time eating banana puffs! He was looking ALL over for the puff on his cheek LOL!

Swimming with Aunt Wendy at grandma's house on daddy's birthday

Here, Brock just had 2 little tooth buds, they had just started cutting through the gums...

... then the teeth came out!

Such a big boy! He can hold his own bottle now :-)

Just like his daddy....

...Checking out the ladies! These are my friends girls. There are 4 of us, and 5 kids total. Brock's the ONLY boy!!! He's lucky!

My favorite picture of Brock's teeth!

Brock at his first baseball game!

Goooooooo Tigers!

And finally, a few pictures from my niece's dance competition yesterday. Here she is with her mom:
With grandma

With Brock and I

Thanks for looking!

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Kim said...

LOL He is a pimp with all those women!!! lol He is too cute!!! Oh and i posted some pictures since i have been slacking and i will post some more when my camera batteries are charged!! lol You look great!