Monday, January 11, 2010

34-week appt

I knew it! My doctor put me on bed rest for 2 weeks :-( I'm still getting Braxton Hicks contractions pretty regularly. Especially when I stand up or try to move around at all. She didn't do the fetal fibronectin test this time because once we hit 34 weeks, they don't stop labor. She (and I) hope I make it to at least 36 weeks because at 37 weeks, the baby will be considered full-term. When she did my cervical exam, she said that my cervix is soft and I am barely a fingertip dilated. She also took me off of work until I deliver. I'm a little sad about this, but I know that the baby's health is first. Today I am 35 weeks and a day. It was my first day off work too... I like not stressing about work, but now I'm stressing that I can't move and my house is a pig sty! Its frustrating being home all day with nothing to do and not being able to clean up or really play with Brock. That's the hardest part. All he wants to do is play with me all day and I just have to lay on the couch and watch him play with his toys :-(

My low back and pelvis hurt soooooooo bad. It hurts to switch sides at night when I'm trying to sleep. I dread going to sleep every night because I'm in so much pain.

I can't believe that in as little as 5 weeks, I could have this baby! So scared. Not sure I'm ready to handle a newborn and a toddler... guess I don't really have a choice, do I? LOL.

Spike was able to install our hardwood floor this weekend in our bedroom! He's working on his fish tank right now and we're both hoping he is able to start Lillian's room by Sunday or early next week. I just hope its done before she is born! So she better hang out in my belly until 40 weeks!

Sorry this post was all over the place!

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Lyndsay said...

Wow, I can't believe you're nearing the end. Take it easy though, definitely keep her in there another 2 weeks if you can. G/L!