Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our first 10 days w/Lillian

Wow! What a crazy 10 days! We brought Lillian home from the hospital on February 8th. Today is February 16th and here I sit back at the hospital with my baby girl.

Brock started getting sick the day before we came home from the hospital last Monday. Last Thursday we had to take Lillian in to the pediatrician for them to check on her since her bilirubin was a little high the day after she was born.  I decided to make an appointment for Brock to be checked out because he had a pretty nasty cough. He didn't have a fever and his ears and chest looked and sounded fine. So off we went, happy little family!

What a difference 25 minutes makes... on our way home, Brock was sitting in his car seat and was sitting there looking limp and had really watery eyes. We figured he was just tired. Once we got him in the house and took his jacket off, it was obvious that he had spiked a fever.  Friday and Saturday he seemed to be getting worse. More congested and coughing a ton! By Friday Spike caught whatever Brock had. By Sunday, Lillian caught it... By Monday, I had it.

On Sunday I talked to the on-call pediatrician because I was getting worried about Lillian's congestion and runny nose.  He said to keep an eye on her since she didn't have a fever and to bring her in if her breathing became labored. 

Well, this brings us to yesterday, Monday the 15th. Both kids slept like crap through the night and were worse in the morning. I called the doctor and made an appt for both of them that same day. The pediatrician checked on Lillian first and said her breathing rate was slightly elevated and her temperature was 99.4 degrees. He said she sounded fine and just to bring her in if her breathing was labored. He decided to take a nasal swab and test her for RSV. Brock came out of this appt with amoxicillan to treat what the doctor said was the "beginnings of an ear infection and pneumonia." Grrrrrrrreat! Just what I needed to hear with a freaking newborn baby in the house! We got home at about 5pm and the doctor called me at 6:45pm to tell me that Lillian tested positive for RSV and he wanted me to bring her in on Tuesday to check her oxygen and check her breathing.

So here we are on Tuesday... I bring Lilly in to the doctor and dad stays home with Brock. The MA comes in to check Lilly's oxygen and sees that it is only at 86. The doctor comes in and can't believe how low it is. So he immediately says that the virus has moved into her lungs and we have to admit her to the hospital right away. He wouldn't even let me go home first! He had a nurse wheel us over to the hospital... guess that's the good thing about the medical center being attached to the hospital! Anyway, here we sit.

She's hooked up to monitors to monitor her heart rate and oxygen saturation. Her numbers look great and the nurses have reassured me that she is doing very well for having RSV. There's a little 17 month old girl across the hall that also has RSV and every now and then you can hear her screaming and crying through the doors and walls. So sad :-( 

Anyway, the doctor just wants us to stay over night for observation. They said they will give her oxygen tonight if she needs it. They have a tube blowing air into her crib and that has helped to keep her oxygen saturation level above 90 since we got here. My concern is that if she turns her head and isn't getting that extra oxygen directly hitting her in the face, her level drops to 85 or 86. So I have to feed her and hold this tube up to her face. I just hope she gets better. I'm so worried about her.


Beth said...

Praying for you and your family... It's not easy having a newborn let alone all of this. Take care and know I'm thinking of you.

Lyndsay said...

Oh my gosh; I can't believe your baby girl has RSV. :( Amelia just had it, but she was much older. We stayed one night in the hospital, but she required no oxygen intervention. I hope Lillian recovers quickly; you're in my thoughts.

The Bozo's: said...

Thanks guys! Its Saturday and we're still at the hospital... I'm about to post a whole new update.