Monday, February 22, 2010

Pneumonia... are you kidding!?

So my little angel has developed pneumonia :-(

Yesterday morning, Lillian woke up and was really really wheezy and was breathing really hard. The nurses and doctors kept checking on her and all of them said that her right lung sounded worse. Finally around 11am I was so furious that I kind of snapped at the resident and was like, "At what point do you guys do a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia? She hasn't had an x-ray and she's getting worse." She kept stalling and giving me excuses as to why she couldn't have possibly developed pneumonia. So I kept pressing the issue and asking more questions about what they look for in case the RSV has turned into pneumonia. She walked out, and like 5 minutes later, the nurse came in and said that the doctor ordered a chest x-ray. FINALLY!

The results come in and the resident comes to give me the results. Here's the conversation:

Resident: "So, yeah she's developing something."
Me: "What do you mean, 'something?' Is it pneumonia?"
Resident: "Yes"
Me: "Ok... so what's the plan now?"

I swear it was like pulling teeth! I was furious!!

Anyway, the plan was to give her an antibiotic via injection and to give on of her breathing treatments with a medication that would clear up the mucus.  She would then have a chest x-ray in the morning.

Last night, little lady had to have a breathing treatment a little early because she was really wheezy and wouldn't settle down. This morning they came in at 6am to do the x-ray. I'm still waiting for the doctor to tell me the results. Its been 3 hours since she had it and I haven't heard anything.

So far, she's doing alright. Please continue to keep Lillian in your prayers! Thanks!!


Lyndsay said...

Poor baby! And poor Mama!! You're still in my thoughts and I wish Lillian a speedy recovery.

Beth said...

As say to Gladys all the time... Go Puerto Rican on them! LOL! I'm not her parent but, at this moment I'm pretty ticked at that resident myself... Sounds like she needs a little lesson in addressing patients and their parents.