Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas Eve everyone :-)

Spike and I are sooooo excited for Christmas this year. Spike is a big fish hobbyist. He's had at least one or 2 fish tanks for as long as we've known each other (12 years). We have a beautiful saltwater tank in our bedroom and he just finished setting up a freshwater tank in Brock's room. We've been getting Brock excited for the "shishies" as he calls them. We've been telling him that daddy is getting the fishies house ready for "Ho Ho" so that "Ho Ho" can bring him fishies on Christmas morning.

Whenever you ask him what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas, he gets all excited and says "Ho Ho Shishy!" So cute! We already have our plan in action to record his reaction once the fish are in the tank. Spike is at the store getting them now!! He is going to put them in the tank tonight when we leave to go to my mom's house for dinner. Then he is going to wrap the tank with wrapping paper so Brock can open it up in the morning!!! OMG! I cannot wait!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas!

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Joelle said...

would love to see video of the reaction to the HO HO shishies! love you guys! Merry xmas!