Monday, July 11, 2011


Holy tantrums! Holy terrible 2's x's 2!

Wow... All of a sudden Brock has started to have some major tantrums. The kind where his entire body goes limp like a wet noodle with the ear-piercing screams and all! Thankfully it hasn't happened out in public yet. I'm hoping to try and get a handle on them or at least figure out a way to calm him down and make the tantrum a little more manageable before we have our first public tantrum.

Some things I have tried are compromising. He likes "if this, then that" scenarios. I try to get down in his face and make him look at me, but in the middle of a tantrum I am the last person he wants to look at.  I have also told him to go to his room until he is done screaming/whining/crying because I don't want to hear it. This works occasionally. I am finding that he usually just needs to have a moment to himself.

Lilly on the other hand is learning by observing... she's started having her own mini tantrums. So not cool!

As a refresher for ya, Brock is 2 1/2 and Lilly is 1 1/2. Its like a living hell on bad days!

What are some things you have done that are successful with controlling tantrums? I would appreciate any feedback!

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Jenn said...

At home I would just keep walking away from them/ignoring them. Amazing how the tantrum stops so that they can pick up and move to follow you where ever you go.

In public, I have followed through on my threats; I even left a cart full of groceries in the store (I am sure they hated me) because one of the A's thought that I certainly would not leave without paying.

The time passes, too quickly. Some days you just gotta hold on, even if it is just by a thread.