Friday, July 22, 2011

Your 3 Words


I just sat down to try and figure out a way to keep track of all the books I have read this year. I've always had a love for reading, but since having the kids I am too tired to read before bed. Between working and taking care of the kids I can't focus on my reading and wind up falling asleep before I have finished a page! That all changed when my husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas! I didn't start using my Kindle regularly until about February or March because most of my free time was spent studying for the entrance exams of the PhD program I applied to (and didn't get selected for)... anyhow, I am so happy that my Kindle literally re-kindled {pun totally intended ;-)} my love for reading :-)

So here is what I have read so far:

Currently reading:
Vanishing Acts {Jodi Picoult}

What I have read in 2011:
Two for the Dough {Janet Evanovich}
Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered...{Jen Lancaster}
One for the Money {Janet Evanovich}
Delivered with Love {Sherry Kyle}
Water for Elephants {Sara Gruen}
House Rules {Jodi Picoult}
Safe Haven {Nicholas Sparks}

I am hoping to find a cute way to keep this list up on one of the side bars of my blog homepage so I can keep adding to it over the year! I have a little over 50 books downloaded on my Kindle and can't wait to plow through my reading list!!!

What are some books you are currently reading or have read this year?

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Emily Kate said...

Looove reading too, but def hard up for some new good reads!

Joelle said...

I'll have to try some more Jodi Picoult. Honestly, I've taken Nicholas Sparks off my reading list. While his stories are always great, I always end up crying too much when reading them!

Larissa: said...

I love love love Nicholas Sparks! Spike always laughs at me because I'm always crying! I have read every single one of his books :-) I don't think I cried in the last one, Safe Haven. I have a couple 1st edition prints that were autographed!