Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She's only 2 1/2

My little baby. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is only 2 1/2. She has been 100% potty trained since just after her 2nd birthday. She speaks so well, its frightening! She can carry a conversation, asks appropriate questions, tells us stories with a lot of "and then's," she loves brushing (and flossing) her teeth, she is a good pretend "mommy" and caters to her baby dolls. She is an animal whisperer. For real. Our cat is her BFF.

At today's well-visit, the doctor and the medical student that examined her first were completely blown away by her cognitive development. The medical student thought she was 4! The doctor has been telling me since her 2 year visit that Lilly was going to be really smart. I remember her telling me back in February, "I can just tell when kids are going to be really smart. You'll see." Fast forward 7 months and our Pediatrician can't stop saying how amazing she is. She told me to make sure I put her in a good school and to make sure she has a good teacher, because if I don't, she is going to get bored quickly. She pointed out how "advanced" she is for her age and to not forget that she still has 3 years at home before Kindergarten... can you imagine the about of learning that is going to take place in that little brain!? Lilly can count to 13 and can recite her ABC's completely unassisted. Its incredible. Truly. An interesting tidbit of information on development from my doctor today; when I told her Lilly was already drawing circles she said, "Wow. That's usually done at 3. 4 year old's can draw a cross, 5 year old's a square, and 6 year old's a triangle."

My little baby.

Earlier this week, she wandered into the kitchen bright and early as I was changing out the garbage. She came in with her pacifier in her hand and said, "Mamma? I'm ready to throw my 'facifier' into the garbage." I didn't question her decision since its something we have been talking to her about lately (that when she was ready to be done with it, she could throw it away; but we weren't going to buy any new ones). She's been pacifier free for a couple of days and every nap time and bed time is getting easier. Yesterday's bedtime was the worst. She was up until abut 8:30pm fussing and stalling until finally I set up an iPod in her room with some lullabies. The hardest part was Monday's bedtime when she said (through tearful eyes and scratch voice), "Mamma? I'm not ready. I need my 'facifier.'" UGH! Heartbreaking to say the least. I reminded her how proud of her I was for being such a big girl and not needing her pacifier. I also had to remind her that she threw it away and we didn't have anymore. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to give up her blankie... even if it is raggedy as all get-up! I'd rather buy her replacements over the years. Ha!

Here are her stats from today's visit:

Length: 37 inches (75 percentile)
Weight 32 pounds (75 percentile)

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