Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st Time Parents: Nesting mode is in full gear!

I would have to say that I started nesting *a little* at about 26 weeks or so. I had a good 2 weeks where got a good amount of cleaning done. Once week 31 hit, I started getting a little crazy! I'm just starting week 32 and Spike (my husband) told me today that I'm killing him!! I haven't seen my house so clean since we moved in 2 yrs. ago!

I still have to organize my closets and cabinets and hope I can get them done in the next 8 weeks!


The TX Millers said...

I wish the nesting bug would bite me! lol

Chris and Kathryn said...

God I can't wait to have that kind of energy! I'm jealous! Love the blog by the way. And thank you soooo much for helping me figure out how to set up my other bloggers. I am not THAT savy, to have figured it out alone. Yeah! Now we can totally keep up with each other on a more personal level. I love it!