Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feel better bud!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Brock came down with a cold over the weekend so I've been busy sucking boogers out of his nose :-( He doesn't seem so congested now, which is good, but he's got a nasty cough that is killing me! So hopefully he starts feeling better soon!

I forgot to post his 4 month stats last week:

Height: 26 inches (95%)
Weight: 14lbs (40%)

Poor guy is gonna be tall & skinny! We ended up having to change his formula too to a soy-based one. The Dr. thinks his eczema is related to a dairy protein allergy. I'm nursing, so he only gets formula when someone is watching him or if he's still hungry after I nurse him. Other than that though, the Dr. feels that he is developing very well :-)

Oh! He finally found his feet the other day! Now he won't let go of his toes :-) Its so cute!

Ok, hopefully I can update again soon!

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