Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Half-Birthday Brocko!

Happy half-birthday baby! Man! Can you believe Brock has been in our lives for 6 whole months already? Time has gone by soooo fast :-( Here are some fun facts about you kiddo:

- You can almost sit up by yourself without tipping over
- You love sweet potatoes
- You love it when daddy tickles you
- You love it when mommy tickles you too
- You love bath time and splash water all over mommy every time
- You love talking
- You love story time right before bed time
- You can roll over
- You are learning to crawl
- You always wake up with a smile
- You have a natural gift of making other people smile
- You have a lot of nick-names: Brocko, B-Rock, Little Man, Champ, Papa, Stinker-Butt, Cocho-Pechocho, Brockie, and Brockster!
- You've been teething, but don't have any teeth yet
- You always stop crying when mommy sings to you

In these last 6 months, mommy & daddy have tried really hard to be the best mommy & daddy. It hasn't always been easy, but you are so special to us! Nothing brings us more joy than to walk into your room in the morning and see you peeking up at us with a big smile on your face (especially on long nights).

Mommy nursed you pretty much exclusively (with an occasional bottle of formula) until about a month or two ago. Since she started getting really busy with work, you spent more time with aunt Dawn. Mommy just couldn't keep up. So, now you only nurse if you wake up at night or first thing in the morning. Its kind of a sad time for mommy that nursing is coming to an end, but we're trying to stay positive. Because now mommy is able to make you real homemade baby food :-)

Well, here are some pictures of what you liked like the day you were born (10/14/08):

Here is what you look like today (4/14/09):

We love you buddy!

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