Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Windows!!

We finally got our new windows installed on Monday! We LOVE them. They are double hung windows. We can finally get some fresh air in the house. Its such an awesome breeze! Here are before & after pictures :-)



Next on our list is a new furnace and new AC since ours decided to conk out the day we got our windows. LOL! Funny how that worked out. At least we have a really nice cross-breeze in the house so we're not in a huge hurry to get the AC. After that we really want to get the rest of the windows done on the house!

It was funny because the installer said that our windows were the biggest double-hung window's they have ever made! Oh, and we love that we were able to pay CASH!! And we bought them from a MI-based company. Nothing feels better than helping a local company in this economy!

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