Sunday, April 12, 2009

Homemade baby food!

When I was pregnant Spike and I were at a Babies R Us store, when the lady in front of us at the checkout was buying some jarred baby food. We overheard her total, looked at each other, and in that instant, we both decided we would be making Brock's baby food. She spent over $200! Granted not everything in her cart was food, but the food made up the majority of what she bought.

Spike bought me the COOLEST gadget for Christmas this year:
The Beaba BabyCook

Its an all-in-one cooker/steamer and food processor! So, yesterday I decided to make Brock some sweet potatoes! It was soooo easy and I had a blast! First, I peeled the potato, cut it into small chunks, filled the water compartment with water, turned the steamer on (steamed them to fork-tender in about 30 minutes), then pureed them right in the same container.

What the potatoes looked like once I added a little formula and water to make it the consistency I wanted

For storage, I decided to put the left overs in an ice cube tray. After they froze I just popped them out and put them into a Ziploc freezer storage bag.

I'm telling you, this baby food maker is the bomb!
Brock LOVED them! I was so excited and it made me feel so good that he liked what mommy made for him.

Spike's dad and step-mom gave us for Christmas a couple of years ago a big rubber maid bin full of jarred foods:spaghetti sauce, jams, spiced apples, pickles, salsa, and chili. Anyway, we asked them if we could use their canning supplies to start jarring Brock's food. That way our freezer doesn't fill up and if we're on-the-go, we can grab a jar of food and not have to wait for something to defrost. I am sooooo excited to do this. We're going to start that in about two-three weeks. So I'll have to save up and go buy some organic fruit and vegetables! Look for more of these homemade baby food posts! I'm going to try to journal it and start adding recipes (fruit and veggie combos) and Brock's interest in all of the new flavors that we'll be introducing to him!