Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feed Simply

This is what I learned this evening after MANY meals that have gone uneaten by our little toddler. We've been giving him Pediasure every now and then since he's hardly eating these days.  Tonight for dinner, I made a chicken stir-fry with green pepper, edemame, onions, and shredded carrots with white rice. I put everything on a plate (minus the pepper and onions) for Brock. He took one or two bites then shoved his plate off of his tray :-( So we took his plate away. About 20 minutes later he started saying "yummy," which he says whenever he is hungry. So I asked him if he wanted beans (meaning the edemame) and he didn't really respond. I asked if he wanted chicken and he tried to say chicken. Then I was like, want "pollo?" That is the Spanish word for chicken. He said yes, so I brought his plate back with ONLY little pieces of chicken. Guess what!? He ate every single piece :-)

So this will be my game plan during meals: one thing on the plate until he asks for something else!

The other day A friend of mine started filling up an ice cube tray with foods/snacks her son likes to eat. She leaves the tray out on a surface he can reach at his level so he can munch all day. I tried this and Brock literally took the tray from the tv stand, put it on the floor and used it as a track for his cars! LOL. Silly boy.

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