Monday, November 28, 2011

Operation Skinny update

Blah! I cannot wait for the holiday's to be over! Too much food and too little self-control :-( I am happy to report though, that I only gained 1 pound since my last update. It sucks, but I have three things going on. Thanksgiving, our annual cookie baking day (day after Thanksgiving), and it is the week that Aunt Flow visits <--- I know, TMI. But when I was on Weight Watchers 6 years ago, I learned through my weekly weigh-in's that I go up 1-2 pounds the week before and during AF. So, I am attributing the weight gain to her ;-)

Kettle Bell is still going really well! I look forward to it every week! I have been trying different protein bars to eat between KB and Zumba since the week before I thought I was going to die. Last week I ate a Luna bar that had 12g of protein in it and I was so pumped! I felt great during Zumba and was able to do all of my moves at high intensity! At first I thought it was the 12g of protein, but I just checked online and saw that the Zone bar I had the week before had 14g of protein and I definitely couldn't get through Zumba at high intensity. So now I'm wondering if there was something else in the Luna bar that gave me so much energy. I suppose it is also possible that I am getting used to the workout and have just built up my endurance.

Starting weight: 180 lbs
Current Weight: 172 lbs
Difference:  -8 lbs
Pounds to lose to Goal: 22 lbs

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