Sunday, October 11, 2009

We're back!!

We made it home from our wonderful 8 day vacation to AZ to visit my sister! Brock was AMAZING on the flight to and from AZ. You would have never known he was on the plane! I couldn't believe how well-behaved he was. I was so proud of him. It took him about 2-3 days to flip his schedule to 3 hours before our time.

Anyway, we did soooo much and took lots of pictures. Here is a list of things we did:

- World Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium
- Visit (quick drive through) Sedona, AZ
- Grand Canyon
- Visit to Scottsdale, AZ
- Drove to Las Vegas where we walked the strip for 2 days and saw Penn & Teller perform live!!
- Tour of Hoover Dam

I still have to upload some more pictures from the camera, but here is just a sampling of pictures:

My sister and her boyfriend, Zubie. His real name is Dan, but we call him Zubie.

Brock being silly in the car! He loves to hide things on top of his head. It cracks him up!

This picture cracks me up every time! Brock was trying to leap out of my hands over the railing!

LOL! Look at the lady's face behind my sister

Ok, I'll add more pictures tomorrow! Gotta go to bed!

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