Friday, September 25, 2009

What's going on in Brock's world??

Well... aside from just finding out that he is going to have a baby sister, our little man is going to be turining ONE in just a few weeks... waaaa! I cannot believe it!

This little man is amazing! He officially can say the following words:


He can make the following animal sounds:

Bark - like a dog
Roar - lik a lion

He knows/understands the following in English and Spanish:

Where is your milk?/Donde esta tu leche?
Where is your water?/Donde esta tu agua?

And variations of those, like do you want milk or water.

He recently picked up how to say "Thank you!" But of course only mamma and daddy can understand it. It is really cute!

He knows what hello/hola and bye-bye/adios mean and he totally waves!

He's still not walking, but just in the last 2 days or so is getting more and more comfortable with standing unassisted.

In terms of teeth, He still has only his bottom two teeth, but just yesterday morning I could see a little white poking through his gums of one of his top front teeth! So within a few days he will have 3 teeth!

His hair is getting so light! Its almost blonde underneath with light brown on top. Spike had blonde hair until he was like 5 or something, and his mom and sister both have blonde hair! So I wouldn't be surprised if Brock gets blonde hair :-)

Lets see... what else is going on over here???

We're taking him on his 1st plane ride NEXT WEEK!!! We're going to Arizona to visit my sister :-) I am sooooo excited. I really hope he behaves on the plane and we are prepared enough to keep him entertained!

Ok, that's all I can think of at the moment! My computer has been getting fixed over the last week, so when I get it this weekend I will try to post some new pictures up here for you!

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