Monday, November 16, 2009

Brock's off the bottle!

Over the last few weeks, we have transitioned Brock from all bottle to all sippy cup for his milk! We started just giving him milk in a sippy for one feeding a day and he did just fine. Then we started taking away another bottle and substituting for the sippy. The last bottle I took away was his morning bottle. He never fussed and didn't even have a care in the world!

When we originally wanted to have Brock drinking out of sippy cups, we got him this one: 

He actually ended up using it as a teether because he still didn't get the whole "suck" thing. So I put this one away for a few months and bought him this one instead:

 This second one is the Nuby brand with a soft silicone nipple (these can be purchased at Target and Babies R Us). It was much easier for him to get the "suck" concept because the nipple was softer like his bottle nipples. So we got him used to drinking his water only out of this cup. Then one day I put milk in it. Once he had the whole "sucking" down, I brought out the Born Free sippy and he's been drinking milk out of it since! So he only drinks milk out of the Born Free cup and water/juice out of his Nuby cup!

This past weekend I put all of his bottles away! YAY Brock!

We're still working on the formula to whole milk transition. Slowly but surely! Right now I'm giving him 4 oz of formula and then 4 or 5 oz of whole milk. Depending on which size Born Free cup I use. We were using the 7oz cup, but I just bought him the 9 oz cups this weekend.

Oh, I originally bought him the training cup by Born Free. The ones I got this weekend were drinking cups and had a bigger hole for free flowing. The milk comes out soooo much faster. Brock's had about 4 cup fulls total since we bought them and he's getting better about not making a huge mess when he drinks out of them!

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