Monday, November 2, 2009

Update on baby #2!

I haven't forgotten about her! LOL! I know I haven't posted very much about this pregnancy. I'm so busy with Brock I just don't get around to posting much about her and what's going on with the pregnancy.

So... I'm officially 25 weeks pregnant! OMG! Just about to head into my 3rd trimester... OMG again! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by.

I had an appt 2 weeks ago when I was 23 weeks. Everything looked great. Weight gain so far has only been 10 pounds. I feel like I've gained an additional 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks too! As long as I don't gain 45 pounds like I did with Brock, I'll be happy :-) I remember this time with Brock my doctor had been giving me the 3rd degree about exercising and watching my weight... blah blah blah! So far, she hasn't said that, so we're good! My next appointment is November 18th and I'll have my Glucose Tolerance test that day to test for Gestational Diabetes. I didn't have it with Brock, so hopefully we're good this time around too. I ended up finding out I was anemic at my 27 week appt with Brock. So hopefully its not the case this time... although it might explain some of my fatigue.

She still doesn't have a name :-( But I think we're getting close! Spike's grandma's middle name was Estelle. We had thought about using Estelle as a middle name because we both like the name and think it's beautiful. Just the other night though, we were talking about it and are thinking that maybe we'll use Estelle as a 1st name since its really the only name we can agree on for her! So we'll see. We still have a little time (about 3 months) to figure it out. So if you have any suggestions for girl names, we're taking them! Just leave a post :-) Thanks!

So in terms of a theme for her room, we're going to do pink and green since the walls in the room are already green. Here is the bedding we've picked out from Baby GAP:

She's starting to kick a lot stronger now. This is my favorite part of pregnancy! I think its because I can share a little more of the pregnancy with Spike when he can feel the baby kicking and rolling around :-) ::happy tears::

Anyway, I'll try to post a few belly pictures and some comparison pictures so you can see what I look like this pregnancy compared to my pregnancy with Brock.

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