Monday, November 2, 2009

1 Year Well-Visit

I meant to post this days ago... but you know my story. LOL

Anyhow, here are Brock's stats:

Height: 30in (75%)
Weight: 20lbs (25%)

The doctor was very pleased with Brock's development thus far. She's still not 100% happy about his weight, but he's tall and extremely active, so that's why. He'll catch up!

We started the transition to whole milk a few days before his birthday. Well the day before his birthday he came down with a really bad cold, which resulted in a right-ear infection :-( To top that off, he had his second top tooth breaking through. So needless to say, he was in pain, super crabby, had diarrhea, and a really bad diaper rash. We had no clue that he had an ear infection until we went to his well-visit, which was 2 days after his birthday. He was put on ammoxicillan for about 8 days. I'm not convinced the ear infection has cleared up because he's still grabbing at his ear and waking up screaming in the middle of the night. So we're back to the doctor on Wednesday for an ear re-check and the seasonal flu shot.

Its been a pretty miserable few weeks because we didn't know if the diarrhea was related to the whole milk, the antibiotics, or the teething. So we had to eliminate dairy for 48 hours last week... he seemed better until today, which was the first time I gave him 2oz of whole milk with 6oz formula and he had diarrhea. So I'm going to have to see if there's another type of milk I should try since he has been on soy formula.

About 11 days after his visit, he started getting a rash all over his body. They were little read bumps, but they weren't raised and didn't seem to bother him. I called the nurse and she felt that it was a reaction to the MMR shot he was given. Thankfully it started to clear up over the weekend. I was actually worried he was getting chicken pox!

Now the diaper rash is back and I am starting to think that maybe this time it is his cloth diapers. So I'm going to have to see if maybe I'm not rinsing them enough or if he's having a reaction to the detergent I'm using on them. I don't know! But I do know that I cannot afford disposable diapers right now... So hopefully I can fix this whole diaper rash thing! It stinks cause I can't put any ointment on him for his rash when he's in cloth diapers because it can ruin the cloth diaper.

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