Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here's our little Yoda on his 2nd Halloween:

We ended up taking Brock to the Zoo on Thursday night for their annual Zoo Boo event. It was a cute way for kids to get out and have a little Halloween fun! We walked a 1 1/2 mile path and were able to stop at about 9 "treat stations" along the way. The path went through two indoor exhibits too! There was also a little show they put on under a tent. I have some pictures, but as usual, they haven't been uploaded yet... sorry! I'll get to it! And besides, I have a million things to blog about!!

On the day of Halloween, we went to a high school football game in the afternoon. It was Spike's alma mater vs our nieces high school... which also happens to be full of kids Spike coached when they played for the city as 8 year old kids :-) So it was pretty cool to be at the game. We of course sat on the alma mater's side!

The evening of Halloween, we kept Brock inside with us and he helped to pass out the candy. A little girl came to the door and was like, "Oh how cute! A turtle!" LOL! It was hilarious!

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