Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lilly is growing so fast!

Holy smokes! My BABY seems like she has hit a million milestones in like 3 days. All of a sudden Lilly is pulling herself up on anything and everything, she's "furniture cruising," and she finally started crawling on all 4's today! I'm not kidding... all in 3 days!

The other day I went to get Lilly out of her bed in the morning, and here is how I found her:

A second later:

And then...

Yeah... so needless to say Miss Thang got a new crib that very same day! This crib she's in was an old hand me down and it was on its lowest setting!! Thank goodness I got her out before she threw herself over the railing! Thankfully we had a $100 gift card to IKEA so we only had to pay $40 out of pocket for her crib :-) On its lowest setting it is almost to the floor. Its cute and converts to a toddler bed later :-) 

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