Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrible Two's or Talking Two's??

You know, I can't remember... is it called "Terrible Two's" or is it "Talking Two's?"

My goodness! Brock will not. shut. up! Yes, its cute that he is talking and can pretty much carry on a conversation, but sometimes I seriously wish I could shove a pacifier in that boy's mouth to shut him up! LOL!  He does this thing where he repeats himself until you say the two or three words he is saying in a sentence. Like you have to affirm that you understood what he is trying to tell you. For example:

Brock: "Mamma, shishy light on."
Me: "Ok"
Brock: "Mamma, shishy light on."
Me: "Ok Brock. I will turn it on in a second."
Brock (a little more frustrated): "MAMMA! Shishy. Light. ON"
Me: "You want Mamma to turn the fishy's light on?"
Brock: "Yup!"

Grrr! This is ALL DAY LONG! ALLLLLLL DAYYYY!!!! So annoying.


Lyndsay said...

Amelia does the same thing!! It can drive a person nutty, that's for sure. BTW, good luck w/ the PhD program, very exciting!!

The Bozo's: said...

Thanks Lyndsay!