Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy busy busy!


I cannot believe how crazy my life has gotten over the last few weeks. I applied to a PhD program (and got selected for an interview to be a potential student), quit my job, and started a new job. All the while, still playing mommy and wife :-) My work never ends!

So many fun and exciting things are happening with my munchkins too! They are definitely keeping me busier than I could have imagined. Lilly is crawling, pulling up on anything and everything, furniture cruising, starting to repeat small words, and is a dancing machine!!! She is going to be ONE in two weeks :-( waaaaa!!!!!

Brock is will.not.stop.talking! I mean, seriously... LOL! He is also potty training and is doing such an amazing job! We are doing this method where we are letting Brock run around the house doing his everyday thing without a diaper on. At first I didn't think this would work and I was totally prepared with towels and everything! To my surprise Brock has been peeing on the toilette every hour (minus naps and bed time) all day for about 2 weeks now!!! YAY! This weekend I am going to buy some pull-ups for nap time and bed time and let him wear big boy underwear during the day (while we are home). He still hasn't pooped on the toilette. He is so funny. He will start saying "mamma caca" and run to the bathroom, but when I get him on the toilette he will push and let a fart out. Then he gets all excited and yells, "Mamma I did it!" LOL!

Well my dears, what is a blog post without pictures? Enjoy!

Look! Lilly's hair is growing!!!!!!

Meet our MegaBlocks Giraffe :-)

Love them :-)

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