Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st Time Parents: 36 week appointment

I had an appointment today, at 36 weeks! I can't believe how fast this is going! Today's appointment was the typical get my weight (OMG - gained 5 lbs since my last appt!), pee in a cup, get my BP taken, hear the baby's heart beat (my favorite), measure the fundal height (basically measuring my uterus), and a special treat for today - the Group B Strep test. This test checks to see if you carry a certain type of bacteria. If you do, then you get put on antibiotics during delivery so the baby doesn't catch it. The unpleasant part of the test is that they do a (TMI WARNING) vaginal and rectal swab... no wonder Spike didn't want to go to this appt. with me!

Anyhow, the Dr. said that I was measuring a little small so he has me coming in next week for an ultra sound in addition to my 37 week appointment.

The last few days I've been waking up in the middle of the night with my right thumb locked in an over-extended "thumbs up." Then when I wake up in the morning, my thumb, index, and middle finger are numb for like 30 minutes. I asked the Dr. about it today and he said it sounds like carpal tunnel... lovely! There isn't much we can do about it, so thankfully my sister has a brace she's going to let me borrow.

House update: Spike's been working hard on getting our hardwood floors installed. Today he ripped up the carpet in the living room and found a pretty big hole in the concrete! He fixed it though! He's awesome :-) So now we just have to wait for it to dry and then he can finish the floors :-) I also painted some wood letters that spell the baby's name, and Spike hung them up over the baby's crib! I'll try to get some pictures up soon. It looks soooo cute! I love it!

Until next time!

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