Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Time Parents: Keeping your gag reflex in check!

Am I going to be a good mother? Can I handle picking up my own child's puke? These are the questions I had to ask myself today numerous times!

WARNING: Puking story below:

I was watching our 5-year-old niece today. At lunch, we decided to have some pizza. I cut hers into small pieces. Well not even 5 minutes into lunch, she started coughing. I asked her if she was okay and she nodded back. So I continue to eat.... then a few seconds later I hear her making this weird sound, look over and her jaw drops and she is just sitting there throwing up with no effort. Mouth hung wide open and puke just pouring out - how's that for a visual? Well try being there in person! I immediately jumped up and ran to the kitchen to compose myself and keep myself from puking. I grab some paper towel and run it over to her. I tried to hard to help her, but started gagging! So I ran back to the kitchen and puked in a paper towel. I couldn't even go back out to help her. So from the kitchen I asked her to go to the bathroom. After a minute or so, I went to the bathroom to help her clean up. As soon as I got into the bathroom.. guess what? I puked AGAIN! She laughed at me! So I had her strip down so I could wash her clothes. We went back to the living room, and yup, there was more puke on her pillow! UGH! So I try to go get it, and totally puked for the 3rd time! So... I ask her to clean it because I just can't do it! So I go back to the bathroom to blow my nose and end up blowing some more chunks! Good God! It was disgusting. This was maybe the 2nd time I've puked during my entire pregnancy! So nasty!

So here I sit, feeling like a horrible aunt because I couldn't clean up her puke! I felt like I let her down! I really hope I can do this with Brock.

I posted this whole puke-fest fiasco on the nest.com (an online message board for women trying to conceive, women in each trimester of pregnancy, and for women after they have their children). Thankfully some of the girls on there told me that they've heard that this gets better when its your own children. God has a way of starting us off with little baby spit ups, so that by the time they are 5 years old, we have the stomach to clean up after them! God I hope this is true. I've always had a weak stomach, so I hope I can handle this when it happens with Brock!


The TX Millers said...

I missed this on the Nest, sorry it made me laugh just ever so slightly, lol. Try to remember that our stomachs are still pretty messed up right now being pregnant, i still gag when i brush my teeth and i had no morning sickness and i've never had to worry about gagging prepreg. GL, i know Brock will have an awesome mommy!

Mommy2SerenityL said...

You know.. I still gag terribly and I've even cried once when DD has puked.

For goodness sakes.. I am a nurse.. and I still can't handle puke.

Poop and other bodily functions just dont bother me that much.. but eww! And it doesnt get any easier!!