Monday, June 29, 2009


Last night we took Brock to our city's annual carnival, which celebrates the last night of a week-long fair with fireworks! He had a great time visiting with family before the fireworks:

Brock trying to get in on our annual "tickle grandma fest"
Start of the fireworks:

He LOVED them! Take a look:
...and literally 10 minutes later:

LOL! Poor baby. He was up sooo late, and he didn't want to take his last nap. I still don't know how he slept through the finale! Babies are crazy! Anyway, we can't wait to take him again next year :-)

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Kim said...

aww he was wore out at the end of the day!!! So cute. Our fireworks got rained out!! It never rains here and the on 4th of July we had storms go figure. HOpe Spike is doing better!!!