Friday, June 12, 2009

Teething HELL....

OMG! It seems like Brock has been teething FOREVER! He had a fever all day yesterday. It was pretty low grade, but I called the Dr. anyway. His temp was 100.4 and the nurse said "yeah that sounds like a teething temp." She couldn't be more right. While he hasn't cut a tooth yet, his gums are pretty red and swollen. He has something in his mouth all day! Poor baby.

Thankfully someone recommended using these homeopathic teething tablets. They are AMAZING!

It looks like he has a few bottom teeth that are trying to come through and his two front teeth as well... so needless to say, out little man is pretty uncomfortable :-(

On a side-note, we're Baptizing Brock this Sunday!! I'm super excited, but I'm so stressed because I have sooooo much to do around the house!


Kim & Jesse said...

Aww poor guy!! Brooklynn had her front 4 teeth they came in and cut all at the same time and now she is cutting her eye teeth!! Not fun stuff. Hope he feels better.

Jim, Rhi and Ike said...

Those teething tablets ROCK!!! Can't wait to see pics of Brocks chompers!