Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Month-Day Lilly!

My sweet sweet angel,

Today you are officially a year and a half!

You have beautiful blonde curly hair.
You love to dance. 
You aren't afraid to hold little frogs.
You love to eat and try most things.
You love your brother even when he tries to wrestle with you.
You love your daddy soooo much.
You love animals.
You have a blankey that is falling apart because we have to take it everywhere...
Mommy is trying to take you off of the bottle so you can use a sippy cup.
You are starting to talk a lot!

It sure did go by fast! I think we would give anything to make time slow down just a little bit :-(

Pretty soon we will start planning your 2nd birthday! We love you more than you know :-)


Lyndsay said...

I saw your comment on my blog and thought, "That's weird, why is my sister commenting on how big Lincoln is." my sisters name us also Larissa. LOL. Btw, your daughter is adorable and she looks do much like you!

Larissa: said...

That's funny!