Monday, August 15, 2011

Operation Skinny Update

Operation Skinny Update...

Not the greatest 1st week of my journey, but I will accept the loss for what its worth :-)... a few pounds closer to my goal.

A few challenges and some successes:

1) Took my son to the park to race. Its good exercise!
2) Said "no" to a FREE sample of a brownie at a bakery I was working at with a client of mine!!
3) Tried to make healthy meals given the current lack of food at my house this week.

1) Do not start a weight loss journey if you haven't gone grocery shopping for the week. Makes it hard to eat healthy balanced meals.
2) Its in your head! Throw the damn devil off your shoulder and stay away from the ice cream in the freezer. You can do it.
3) Stop being lazy and walk, walk, walk.
4) Drink more water. Get rid of the Coke Zero (by giving them away... not consuming them).

I finally went grocery shopping yesterday. My fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies, light string cheese, and a ton of yogurt. My pantry now has some baked chips, nuts, and healthy cereal :-) Its only 7am but I have been up for about 30 minutes and I'm ready to take a walk with the kiddos after breakfast. Its going to be a great week!

STATS: WEEK 1 (completed)
Starting weight: 180 lbs
Current Weight: 176 lbs
Difference:  -4 lbs
Pounds to lose to Goal: 26 lbs

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