Friday, August 12, 2011

Your 3 Words

Its only been a week since I started my weight loss journey. This picture is how my week started... I've had a rough week. I'll post about it on Monday with an Operation Skinny Update.

Brock and I went up to the park on Monday evening and raced for about 45 minutes. I couldn't tell you how many times we raced back and forth from the swing set to the big trees. At least 12 times. He was so cute because he kept saying he wanted to beat me, so of course I let him... Lets be honest, I couldn't even keep up with him! LOL! He would get to the tree and cheer me on with "Run faster mamma!!" OMG. So cute. I love him. We also picked up some more pine cones to make more home made bird feeders!!  After the park, we raced home! 

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Grandma Bonnie said...

Wow, that sounds like a fun weight loss program. I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey.
New follower from y3w. Have a great week.

Larissa: said...

Thanks Grandma Bonnie!

zaylyn said...

That sounds like a plan. I need to start running with the kids. When the little monster starts getting faster I will. For now it's walks in the neighborhood and the kids are getting bored of it and complaining most of the time. New follower from your three words hop. Hope you could stop by my blog and follow back.