Monday, August 8, 2011

Operation Skinny

Today is the beginning of a new me. No more junk food. Period! I am dead serious about sticking to it this time. I am tired of feeling tired all of the time!

Over the weekend I signed up for and created a profile on as a back up for my accountability. Yesterday I bought into a Groupon deal for 10 classes at a local exercise studio for $20; its a $70 value!!

I think things started going really downhill for me when I didn't re-enroll in the Zumba classes I was taking. My awesome sister-in-law is bringing me the sign-up form today so I can get going with Zumba again when the next session starts in September! I am so excited!!

I weighed myself this morning and ...

Today (8/8/11) I weighed 177 pounds

That is already a -3 pound loss since I was weighed at the doctor's office last Tuesday.  I was beyond surprised at that when I saw that number on the scale this morning because I have eaten nothing but junk all weekend. No joke! Chocolate cheesecake, ice cream sandwiches, chips, pop, cheeseburgers, ugh... It makes me sick. I was even saying "this is my last weekend to be fat, so I don't care!" OMG. That mentality is changing now!

I think I will do a status post every Monday morning, but I am sure every couple days I will post something to keep myself in it!


Starting weight: 180 lbs

Current Weight: 177 lbs

Difference:  -3 lbs

Pounds to lose to Goal: 27 lbs

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Joelle said...

Lari, I know its not easy to take the first steps. You go girl!