Thursday, October 9, 2008

1st Time Parents: 39/40 week appt.

I'm still here... still pregnant... c'mon baby!! GET OUT!!

I had an appt this morning. Today I am 39 weeks and 5 days... so pretty much about 40 weeks. She did a cervical exam and told me that I am now 3-4 cm dilated, and really close to 4cm. Once I get past 4cm, she said that things start moving real fast :-) She also said that my cervix is still 1/2 way there... which is weird because the Dr at the hospital on Sunday said I was 70% effaced. Oh well. Either way, I've made a little more progress. She also said that the baby's head is lower and that my uterus is pretty big ;-)

We scheduled an induction date for October 22nd just in case. At that point, I'll be 41 1/2 weeks pregnant. I (as well as the Dr) highly doubt I'll make it that far. I really hope Brock wants to come out this weekend. I'm so tired and getting so uncomfortable. I know that the sleep thing will be an issue for a while, but I'll have Spike's help after the baby and I'll be able to take naps at least.

I had expected the Dr to strip my membranes today, but I think because I'm so close to 4cm, she decided not to. I didn't bring it up because I was still pretty undecided about it anyway.

Well, here's hoping to having a baby this weekend!!!

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